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A complaint letter is the letter which depicts the dissatisfaction from the person, who has written the letter towards anything such as the unsatisfactory product,services or any general scenario which isn’t just happening for any good. For example if you have witnessed any scenario, which is not in the good policy for the mankind such as the robbery on the road, then being the citizen of the country you have all the rights to complain about this scenario to the police office, so that an appropriate action can be taken against it.
In the similar manner you can raise your complaint about the bad services or the product that you have received from any company and have paid for it. Complaint letters make sure that the appropriate action can be taken so that the cause of the complaint can be set right.
In today’s article we are going to discuss about the several kinds of the templates, which you can use to write the complaint letter. Having the templates will make sure that you can easily write the complaint letter without having to creating the template on your own.

Complaint Letter Template Bad Service

A complaint letter for the bad services is used when a particular person has received any kind of services from any person or the organisation and the service is not satisfactory to the person.

In such scenario you can always right the complaint letter to the person or organisation from whom you have received the services. Writing the complaint letter will make sure that the action can be taken by the organization to make the services satisfactory for the other person.

  • Write the name of the individual or the organisation from whom you have received the services along with their full business place address.
  • Next you can write the subject matter of the letter.
  • In the main body provide the particulars about the services that you have received from the service provider.
  • You need to mention all the aspects that have bothered you in the services. 

Write what kind of services you are expecting from the organisation so that it can be analysed.
End the letter with your regards and the expected services.

Complaint Letter Template UK

Complaint letters are used at all the places irrespective of their geographical location as we all may come across the issues which may be needed to complaint about. The format of the complaint letter template is the significant document which needs to be prepared carefully.

The format of the complaint letter template may vary from one region to the other. For example the format of the complaint letter may be different than what it may be in the US and thus you need to choose the right kind of template.
So, if you are living in United Kingdom and are looking for the template of the complaint letter, then you can get it from here. We have the professionally designed templates for the region of UK which you can use to make the complaint across various domains.

Complaint Letter Template Word

We have the other option for you in our offering for the template of the complaint letter which is the Word format of the complaint letter.

This format is best for the people who generally use the MS Word software in their routine working, as having the template in the same format would make sure that you can easily access it, and can also make the desired changes. Below we are attaching the sample of the complaint letter in the Word format and you can easily get it from here. 


Pension Complaint Letter Template

A pension is the sum of any amount which is granted to the person on the recurring basis such as on monthly basis. There is the authority which governs and regulate the whole system of pension and sometimes there may be the instances, when there occurs several kinds of the issues from the department, which may cause the trouble to the pensioner.

If you are lately dealing with any such issue in the context of the pension then we urge you to write the complaint letter to the authorities, so that your issue can be put before them. This is the only way by which you can sort out the pension related issues and below is the template of this letter that you can use.

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