Complaint Letter For School Sample & Examples
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter For School Sample & Examples

Complaint Letter For School: As you are a citizen of this country only then do you have full right to complain against your problem. So, today we have come up with samples of complaint letters for school. Many people face many problems in school. So with this provided samples of complaint letter. You can complain about your problem to the senior management.

A complaint letter is a formal way of making a complaint against anything, which is not right or satisfactory in some ways. You can use the complaint letter in making the complaint about the product or the services that you are not satisfied with.

For example, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the education standard for any educational institution. Then you can address them with a complaint letter to bring the issue to the authorities of the institution. So that the appropriate steps can be taken to fix the faults in the standard of education.

Sample Complaint Letter For School

Complaint Letter Sample For School


Today in this article we are going to talk about the complaint letters in the context of the schools. So, if you are looking for the templates of the school complaint letters. Then we are going to offer you them in this article. So that you can easily use them in your context. 

Sample Complaint Letter For School Facilities

School facilities are the basic necessities which are required by the students in their routine course of studies so that they can continue their studies without any discomfort. It is the responsibility of the school administration to provide the students with all the basic facilities, and if the administration gets failed at that then students or their parents can address the complaint letter to the school.

Sample Complaint Letter for School Administration

The complainant’s letter states the lack of facilities from the side of the school in a detailed manner and this is how this letter should be written. 

  • Write the name of the school head where the letter should be addressed.
    XYZ High School 
    Wellington Road New Zealand.
  • Now write the subject matter which is the complaint about the school facilities.
  • In the main body of the letter state the whole concern that what is really lacking in the school facilities for the students.
  • Explain how the lack of proper facilities is causing trouble to the students.
  • Write that you are looking forward to improvements in the quality of the school facilities.
  • End the letter with your signature and the link to the school as the student itself or the parents of the students.

Complaint Letter Sample About School Canteen

Canteen is a significant place within the school where the students often enjoy their refreshments during break time. It is very essential that the school canteen must be having the right kind of refreshment serving attitude towards the students and the quality of the refreshment should also be fine.

There may be instances when there may be some lacks from the part of school canteens which may be either in the quality of the food or the refreshment or regarding their service.

You can complain about any such lacks on the part of the canteen. Here is below how the complaint letter should be written. 

  • Write the name of the school administration’s head under which the school canteen comes.
  • Below that write the name of the school with an address.
  • Now start the main body of the letter by providing the introduction of the whole issue which is the complaint about the canteen.
  • State the full matter as to what is troubling the students from the side of the canteen services.
  • Ask the administration authority to look into the matter and then end the letter with the polite and respectful words.


Sample Complaint Letter For School Bullying

Bullying is a very serious act if we discuss it in the context of school, colleges then it is nothing less than the harassment with the emotions and the mind of any student. Bullying may cause very serious consequences to the victim and considering that it has been declared as the punishable offense, yet some case of bullying still takes place.

If you witness any kind of bullying scenario then we urge you to report this matter to the authority of the school as soon as possible so that the appropriate action can be taken against it.

You can write and address the letter to the principal or any other authority of the school in a below-mentioned manner.

  • Principal 
    New Era School 
    Model Town Delhi 
  • Start the salutation with due respect to the principal.
  • After that in the main body, you need to write the subject matter of the letter.
  • State or narrate the whole incident of the bullying against you or if you are the parents then against your kids.
  • You can also mention the name of the concerned students who are involved in this serious act of bullying.
  • Write your hopes that you are looking forward from the principal to look into this whole matter so that it can be prevented in near your future. 
  • End the letter with your regards and your signature.


Sample Complaint Letter To School Superintendent

Superintendent is the person who has the ultimate authority of the administration for any public or the private school. It is basically the superintendent who looks after all the affairs of the school and makes sure that everything is taking place in the proper manner. If as a student of the school or the parents of the students you have anything to complain about, then you can bring this issue directly in the notice of the superintendent.

Complaint Letter Against School Management

If you are looking for the template of such a letter which you can use in this regard then you can get it from here for your easy use.


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