Complaint Letter Sample in PDF & Word Format
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter Sample in PDF & Word Format

Here we are providing the complaint letter sample. This complaint letter is being written to tell your complaints and ask the solution for the same.

If you are unsatisfied about anything such as the product or the service of any business organization in the business industry domain. Then you have all the rights to raise your complaint in the concern of such a product. A complaint letter is the best legal way of lodging the complaint against anything whether it is the product, services, or the conduct of something. 

The complaint letter basically implies the dissatisfaction of a person about something, and it is written on a piece of paper with a view to resolving the subject matter of the complaint. It can be used by any common person or the consumer of a product or service across any domain. 

Complaint Letter Sample Pdf

Well, here in this article we are basically going to discuss the several kinds of complaint letter samples. Which are normally used around us. You will also have access to the printable templates for all those complaint letters. Which you can use to write your own complaint letter as per your requirements.

Well, getting the complaint letter sample in PDF format may be a decent option for all such users who want a very simple format of this letter. PDF is known for the portable documented file and is considered a decent format in the context of compatibility. As it can be easily supported by all kinds of text readers applications and software.

Further, it can be transferred from one device to the other very easily being the easily portable format. So, if you want to write your complaint letter in PDF format then you can get its template from this section very easily.


Formal Complaint Letter Sample Against A Person

As we have already discussed that a complaint letter can be written against any person who might be causing you any kind of discontent or trouble which may vary from one case to the other.

This complaint letter should be written by the person who has a complaint against the other concerned person. They should be addressed to the appropriate authorities in this regard.

Keep in your mind that the letter should be written using the formal format and in the formal set of words. So that it seems right in the view of the laws. Here below you can have the look at the sample of this letter.


Complaint Letter Sample For Poor Customer Service

A poor customer service from the services rendering organization may trouble and offend any customer. Being the customer and the consumer of those services you always have the right to show your dissatisfaction by using the complaint letter. Since you have rightfully paid for the services and yet haven’t received satisfactory services.

Here is how this letter should be written by a customer.

  • You need to mention the name of such services rendering organization at the top left side.
  • Below it mentions the address of the company and you may also extend writing the subject matter of the letter below it.
  • Next, make the salutation part by simply addressing the grievances department head such as Dear Mr. Harrison, etc.
  • In the main body of the letter, you can state your concern about the poor services that you have received from the organization.
  • Mention the date and the type of services so that they can be touched by the services providing company.
  • If it was any kind of services providing agreement then mention all the information about the contact and the quality of services which has disappointed you.
  • At last end the letter with your regards and expectations in the resolution of the whole complaint issue.
  • Enclose the other proofs of service at the end of the letter.

Now mention your name and then end the letter with your regards.


Sample Student Complaint Letter

A student complaint letter is one that is written by a student and is addressed to any educational institution where the student studies. This letter is generally written in the concern of the poor facilities or the faculty support at the institution. For example, if you are facing any kind of difficulties in the course of your studies just because you are not being provided the required basic facilities from the school organization.

In such cases or any other cases, we always urge all the students to resort to the student’s complaint letter to put their concern in the knowledge of the authorities, so that it can be resolved. 


Apartment Noise Complaint Sample Letter

If you are so much bothered and irritated because of the kind of noise that you are getting from your neighbor’s house in the building then you need to take an action in this regard. We understand that in a building apartment the unnecessary and loud voice can trouble any of us and it happens on many occasions in the building. 

Being in such a scenario you can write the complaint letter to the administration of the building who is responsible to maintain the decorum within the building. Here is our printable template which will help you in writing this letter for the same concern.


Sample Workplace Bullying Complaint Letter

Harassment or bullying at the workplace is a very serious act, which must be reported to the authorities right at the moment it is witnessed. Sometimes the things happen at the workplace, When the senior employees at any post may tend to bully or harass their employees at the workplace just for the sake of their ego or arrogance.

This act can disturb the other employee at the workplace both physically and mentally. We strongly urge you that if you are being bullied at your workplace or you have witnessed any such incident then kindly take an action against it by writing the complaint letter to the concerned authorities.

It may save the mindset and the life of a person who might be going through it and is seeking the solution.


Reply To Customer Complaint Letter Sample

There are many people or the customers of the business organization, who write the complaint letter to the business organization in the context of poor services or the products in the hope of bringing improvement in such product or services.

Once the organization receives such a letter then it becomes the duty of such an organization to make the reply of such letter, in order to assure the customers that the organization has really looked into the matter. 

In this reply to the customer complaint letter the entity basically has to address the cause of the complaint which has been complained about by the customer. In this reply letter, the customer is informed about all the measures which have been taken by the entity to fix out the subject matter of the complaint. 

You can take a look of the sample letter of this reply of the customer complaint letter here and then can accordingly write your own reply letter to the customer.

Complaint Letter Sample



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