Restaurant Complaint Letter Template Sample & Example
Complaint Letter Template

Restaurant Complaint Letter Template Sample & Example

A restaurant complaint letter is all about making a complaint against the restaurant. The complaint is primarily about either the food or services of the restaurant from the customer of such restaurant. Here in the article, we are offering the formal template of the restaurant complaint letter. We believe that this template will help the readers in drafting the formal letter of complaint against the restaurant without making many efforts on the same.

Restaurant Complaint Letter

A restaurant complaint letter is basically the letter that is highly useful in making the complaint against the product and services of the restaurant. We believe that if the complaint is done in a constructive manner then it can help the customers in raising the bar of its food and services. This is why if you feel dissatisfied with the services of the restaurant then you should let the restaurant authorities or owner about the same.

In fact, some of the prominent restaurants in the world welcome and embrace the complaints of their customers with an open heart. It’s because these restaurants run after the excellence of their services to the customers. They, therefore, listen to the grievances and complaints of its customers and make the required changes.

How to write Restaurant Complaint Letter

Well, a restaurant complaint letter is nothing new as it follows the same approach of writing just like any other complaint letter. You just have to be specific with your address to the restaurant and simply deliver the matter of complaint in the letter.

Here is how you can draft your own complaint letter to the restaurant.

  • Take any decent template for drafting the complaint letter to the restaurant.
  • Briefly open the letter with the correct address to the restaurant.
  • Next, simply open the body of the letter and start drafting it.
  • In the body, you need to state the objective of the letter and then describe your concern.
  • Explain the area of dissatisfaction such as the food or services of the restaurant.
  • Express the experience of food or services in your own view for the ultimate simplification.
  • You can then express your expectations from the restaurant.
  • At last, be positive and hopeful to the management of the restaurant and end the letter with your regards.

We advise our readers to follow all these guidelines to draft a letter of complaint to the restaurant. It will help them in writing an effective complaint letter to the restaurant and see the positive changes.

Complaint Letter for Restaurant

Get the sample of the restaurant completed letter here and use it to your advantage in writing the complaint letter yourself. The whole purpose of the sample letter is to provide the practical exposure of the complaint letter to our readers.

Sameer Sharma
Mumbai Borivali, 876542Date – 30/12/2019Arjun Srinivasam
Manager at Food Corners Restaurant
Santa Cruz, 765321Subject – Complaint Letter on the Food Quality

Dear Sir,
I’m a casual visitor to your restaurant called Food Corners as I got to know about it from one of my friends. I entered the restaurant with decent excitement but the food quality really pissed me off. I literally didn’t expect such a poor taste of the food even though it was casual food. In my opinion in the taste of the food is the very first thing that indulges the customers towards the restaurant. Unfortunately in my understanding your restaurant severely failed at that aspect. I respect the restaurant as it provides a variety of food at very reasonable prices. This is the reason that why I’m passing this quality feedback as a well-wisher to the restaurant.

I believe that my feedback would be taken in good regard and there would be some highly required changes in the taste of the food before my next visit to the restaurant. With this hope and positivity, I’m ending my complaint and feedback letter to the restaurant. I wish you all the best for the further food services of the restaurant.

Thanks & regards
Sameer Sharma

Restaurant Complaint Letter Template


Restaurant Complaint Letter


This is the sample letter of complaint to the restaurant regarding the poor taste of food. In a similar manner, you can draft your own complaint letter to the restaurant easily.

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