Complaint Letter For A Product Template Sample With Example
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter For A Product Template Sample With Example

Welcome to today’s new post on Complaint Letter For A Product. We people have the right to speak against if something goes wrong with us. Many people approx 80% of the population order online. It happens that product delivered wrong to us or it is damaged or any problem can be there. So we can write Complaint Letter against that.

A business organization is all about its product or the services. As these are the two only things in which the business organization deals. A business manufacturing or trading entity generally deals with the products and the services entity deals within the services.

Complaint Letter For A Product Template

If a product of the business organization turns out to be faulty or defective in the usage of the customers. Then it may cause the suffering and disappointment to such customers. In such a scenario, the customer always has the option of raising the complaint against such a product to the company. 

Well, here in this article we are basically going to discuss the complaint letters for the bad or the defective product. We will also help you in writing these complaint letters by providing you with the templates.

Complaint Letter For Expired Product

Receiving the expired product from the organization may leave the customer in a sheer disappointment. Which may often turn out to be hazardous if the concerned product is something edible. Moreover getting the expired product from the company also shows very serious negligence on the part of the company regarding the quality check process of the company.

If you have received any expired product from the organization then we urge you to raise your voice against the company regarding such a cheap product quality check process. You can use the template of this letter which we are providing below to let you write this letter.


Complaint Letter for Damaged Goods


The example of a complaint letter for the product will help all those people, who are not happy with the quality of the product and want to raise their complaint against the product. You can also opt to write this letter if you are experiencing any kind of issues or dissatisfaction with your product and it is the best way of letting the company improve the quality of its product.

Complaint Letter for Receiving Damaged Goods

This is how this complaint letter for the product should be written.

  • At the top right side attach your address along with your name and contact details.
  • Then move to the top left part of the letter and there add the information about the recipient department of the company.
  • Below that add the address of the organization.
  • Come to the salutation part and there address the letter receiving the authority of business organization as “Dear sir/madam”.
  • Now in the next line, you can start writing the subject matter of the letter which is about the bad product of the organization.
  • Narrate in this part about the full story that when and for which purpose you bought the product of the company and how it is bothering you now. 
  • Be specific whether it is the quality of the product or the complete product is not suitable to your purpose.
  • Write to the company that you are willing to either exchange your product or just want to return it. 

Ask the company if they have any solution for your complaint regarding the product and then at last you can put and end on the letter with your name and regards.


Complaint Letter Product Not Received

Complaint Letter Product Not Received


Complaint Letter For A Product Defective

A defective product is one that is not appropriate in itself for the purpose. That it has been meant for and thus it needs to be either returned or exchanged. No prestigious company deliberately sells defective products to its customers. But sometimes mistakenly things fall out that way. The customers end up getting the defective product from the company. 

Well, in such a situation customers always have the option of returning the product to the company and claim either the refund or the exchange. Customers will be required to bring this matter to the notice of the organization using the complaint letter, in which they can provide all the information regarding the defective product and the template of this letter can be printed from here.



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