Complaint Letter For Poor Service - Sample & Examples
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter For Poor Service – Sample & Examples

Complaint Letter For Poor Service: Making a complaint about any product or service when you are not happy about them is the best way to let the services and product knowledge, that they need the improvements. Being a customer of any product or service you have got all the rights to raise your issue if you are not satisfied with something that you are paying for. 

Complaint Letter For Poor Service Sample

Complaint Letter For Poor Service Sample


Keeping this concern ahead today in this article we are going to discuss the various kinds of services that you can make the complaint about. You will get several kinds of complaint letters templates for the poor services from the various services providers.

Complaint Letter To Service Provider

Well, a service may be of several types depending upon the sector of service in which you are receiving it. For example, some of the common services that we all receive are Banking services, courier services, Gas services, etc. These are the kinds of services which we often count on, and thus if these services are not up to the time and satisfactory then it may cause some serious trouble to anyone of us. 

Being the customer of these services providers agencies you have all the customer rights to make your complaint to these companies and ask them to improve their services. What you need to do is just address them the complaint letter stating the particulars about their services which have bothered you. 

You can use the below mentioned template of the complaint letter in this regard to make the complaint.


Sample Complaint Letter For Poor Delivery Service

Delivery services are the courier or maybe the government post-office-related services, which we all use or receive in our routine course of life to send and receive the various kinds of posts or parcels. These services need to be high on time since such services are concerned with delivering significant posts and the parcel to the related people.

Well, if your courier services providers provide poor services such as delay in the delivery, and the poor quality of the package. Then you have got to raise a complaint against this issue. You need to write the letter keeping the below-mentioned points in your consideration. 

Complaint Letter Sample for Poor Customer Service

  • Start the main introductory part by addressing the name of the courier company. 
    You can write it as “Name of the Authorities”
    Fast&Furious courier company 
  • Now in the main body, you need to write your whole concern related to the poor delivery.

Keep the letter precise and to the point and then end the letter with your name and regards.


Complaint Letter For Poor Service Bank

The bank is the center place for all of us in the context of making financial transactions as we all are dependent upon the bank for the custody of our money. This is the reason why we often have to deal with the bank in order to make the various kinds of banking transactions such as withdrawal or depositing the money.

There may be instances when any of us encounter poor banking services which may cause serious suffering to us. You can write a complaint letter to the head authorities of the Bank in order to take this issue into their notice so that they can improve the poor services.

  • Write the name of the Banking authority at the top.
  • Below that write the subject complaint matter and then address the authorities.
  • In the main body provide your concern to the authorities such as “You have been receiving very poor treatment from the staff of the Bank who take more than a reasonable amount of time to execute any transactions.
  • In the same manner, write the whole concern and then end the letter with your regards.


Complaint Letter For Poor Service Of Telephone

If you have been lately experiencing poor services from the telecoms service providers. Then we understand your pain and thus we urge you to write the complaint letter to the authorities in this regard.

This is the only way of putting light on your issue. So that it can be fixed as soon as possible. If you are struggling to write a letter. Then you can have a look of the sample complaint letter below.

It will provide you with the reference that as to how you should be addressing this letter to them. You can also get its template from here.


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