Complaint Letter About Manager Behaviour/Attitude Sample
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter about Manager Behaviour/Attitude Sample

A Complaint Letter about Manager can be done by any of the employees of the company. Through Complaint Letter you can mention his/her mistakes in that letter. Sometimes it happens that you are disappointed with your manager. Then also you can write a complaint letter to your company’s top management.

The manager is the person in charge of an organization as the managerial post is the highest post of any business or other kinds of organization. A manager is generally the person who is liable to handle all the affairs of an entity and operates the organization with utmost harmony. 

Complaint Letter About Manager Behaviour

There may be scenarios when the entity may not be performing well due to its manager. Since the manager is at fault of not operating the organization in the right spirit.  This is when the need of writing the complaint letter against the manager arises with a view that appropriate action can be taken against the manager by the high authorities of the concerned business organization.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the complaint letter against the manager. That can be written across the various kinds of organizations around us. You would also be provided with the printable templates of this letter. So that you can use it to write your own complaint letter.

Sample Complaint Letter About Manager Attitude

Well as we have already discussed that a manager is in charge of the organization. Whose behavior is supposed to be very gentle and sensible towards the customers and the employees? Bad behavior or the temper of the manager may leave a very disappointing impact upon the customers. They might cut themselves from dealing with the organization. 

Sometimes there come scenarios when the bad behavior of the manager must be reported to the higher authorities. So that the right course of action can be taken against him. Here is how you can write this complaint letter against the manager.

  • Write your name at the top right side of the letter along with a full address or you may leave the name anonymous.
  • Next, on the left side, you just need to write the name of the organization along with the address to whom the letter is being addressed.
  • In the salutation part just address the authority to whom the complaint is being made.
  • Now write the main field of the letter in which you need to narrate the whole story of compliant.
  • Mention in the letter how the manager is not serving the entity in the right spirit.
  • You may demand the appropriate action against the manager in the letter from the higher authorities.

At last end the letter by concluding it that you are looking forward for the right action to be taken against the employee.

Complaint Letter about Manager

Complaint Letter about Manager

Sample Complaint Letter Against Bank Manager

The bank manager is the person who is the higher in charge of a given Bank and under the Bank manager. All the tasks are being executed in the branch. It is the duty of the manager to serve all the customers of the branch in harmony. Since this is what the job of the manager all about. 

So, if you are unhappy with the Bank manager of your Bank. Then you have all the rights to take a stand against the manager by writing the complaint letter. In the complaint letter, you can describe the poor services of the Bank. That you have experienced and how the manager is not taking any action to improve it.

The letter should be addressed to the highest authority of the concerned Bank and from there the right action would be taken against the manager.

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