Complaint Letter Template

How to write Complaint Letter | Complaint Letter Format

Complaint Letter format samples have been provided to you. Complaint letter can be written to anyone for any sake of any problem and you can ask for the solution for the same problem. Here we are providing you the variety of the of formats of a complaint letter.

Complaint Letter Format

A format is the main part of any document which defines the document in a whole manner and makes it in the presentable form. This is the reason why the format of any document is given the ultimate preference be it the complaint letter document or any other document.

The significance of the format for the complaint letter is immense as the format is what makes the complaint letter in an understanding form so that it can covey the subject matter of the complaint in the right manner. 

How to write complain Letter?

Here in this article we are going to discuss the various kinds of the formats for the complaint letter and would also provide you with the templates of these letters so that you can use them in your own domain.

1. Complaint Letter Format For Bank

We all are concerned with the Banks as we all need the different kinds of Banking services in our daily lives. 

Sometimes the scenario may arise when we might not be satisfied with the banking services of our Banks and this is when we need to raise our complaint to the concerned Bank so that appropriate action can be taken to sort out such issues.

 If you are looking for the one such format of the complaint letter which can help you in writing this letter then you can get that format from this section of the article.

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2. Electricity Complaint Letter Format Sample

Well, if you are not happy with your electricity provider then we urge you to use the complaint letter in such regard. 

This letter should be addressed to the authorities of the electricity department so that your complaint can be sorted out and here is how this letter should be written.

  • Start the letter from the top left side and address the letter to the grievances department of the electricity board such as To “Karlos Brown”
    Head of Electricity Board Department.
  • Write the full address of the electricity board.
  • Below it you can mention the date of the letter.
  • Now come to the salutation part and there address the head authorities once again in a tone “Dear Karol Brown”
  • Next comes the main body of the letter in which you have to specify your whole concern of complaint.
  • Here be specific and convey your complaint regarding the issue along with the full facts.
  • Once you specify the whole concern of the complaint then urge to the head of the grievances department that kindly take the required action in regard of the complaint.
  • Now you can just end your letter with your regards and mention your name at the last of the letter.

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3. Police Complaint Letter Format By Lost Certificate

If any of us loses any kind of important document then we lodge our complaint to the police authority for the search of such document. The document may be very important thus you must write the right complaint letter to the authorities so that your document or the certificate can be easily found. 

Here the format of the complaint letter plays a very significant role since the format is what contains the whole subject matter of the letter and here below you can get the fully formal format of the complaint letter for the lost certificate.

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4. Corruption Complaint Letter Format

Corruption is the main root of all evils in the progress of any Nation or the local region and we urge all the readers to raise their voice against this disease if they encounter any such act of the corruption.

Being the taxpayer citizen of your Nation it even becomes your duty to report the act of corruption immediately to the authorities so that it can be eradicated from the root and you can contribute in the corruption-free Nation.

 So, if you are looking for one such medium by which you can raise your voice against the prevailing corruption then here is our format of the corruption complaint letter which you can use to report the act of corruption.

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5. Cyber Crime Complaint Letter Format

In the world of the internet, the crimes are taking place of the digital media which are known as cybercrimes. These crimes need to deal with very strong hands else they can leave a very bad impact on our society. 

If you have faced or encountered any kind of cybercrime then you are always encouraged to report such crime to the cybercrime authorities so that strict action can be taken against it. You can use the format of the cybercrime complaint letter to draft your complaint letter and then address the letter to the concerned authorities.

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Complaint Letter Format In English

A complaint letter format in English is simply one such format that is made in the English language. Being the format in the English language this format can only be used for those complaint letters which are to be written only in the English languages. 

In the modern world where English has become the global language, the majority of the complaint letters are written just in the English language, thus the format of the English complaint letters have very high demand. You can get the fully professional format of the English complaint letter from here in your desired way.

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Complaint Letter Format In Hindi

Although the Hindi language has got very diminished in the professional and the format documents over a period of time, yet there are many places where this language is given preference especially in the government offices. 

So, if you are going to write any kind of complaint to any of the government offices then you are bound to need the format of the complaint letter in the Hindi language so that your complaint can be heard and the required action can be taken in its regards. 

We are attaching the template of the formal complaint letter format in Hindi in order to make your job easy.

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Police Complaint Letter Format In Tamil

Tamil is the regional language of southern India and is the regional language of the region all the formal complaint letters are written in the same language. 

If you are living in the Southern India region and need to raise your complaint to the police authority then your complaint letter must be written in the Tamil language and for that, you will be required to have the format of the complaint letter in the same Tamil language. 

In this section, you can get such format of the complaint letter in a tamil language which can be formally used to write any kind of complaint letter.

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Word is the part of the Microsoft Office and is the most used word processing software in the whole world. It is one such software which is widely used to create the formal and the professional official and the unofficial documents. 

If you are someone who uses the Word software in your daily to a daily workplace then it would be a better option for yourself to use the same format of the complaint letter so that it can be easily supported using the same software. 

You can get the template of the complaint letter in the Word format from this section of the article which is fully professional.

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