Sample of Complaint Letter Example in PDF & Word
Complaint Letter Template

Sample of Complaint Letter Example in PDF & Word

There are many Complaint Letter example to Send to a Business. When you are trying to resolve a complaint so you will have to write a complaint letter in the right manner. A complaint letter is a very commonly used letter that is used in the course of making complaints about anything, such as the poor services or the bad products of an organization. It can even be used to report any particular incident or behavior. 

If we talk about the examples of the complaint letter then it may vary from one to the other letter depending upon the type of the letter. Here in this article, we will basically discuss the various kinds of complaint letters and their examples, so that you can make the most of these letters and can write the one for your own use. 

Complaint Letter Example for Bad Service

We all expect and want the best possible services from our business organizations service provider and we accordingly choose the one such service provider for us.

There may be the instances when you may encounter the poor services from your service provider and in such case, you can write the complaint letter in the following manner. 

  • Mention the date at the top left side and below it write the name of the services providing organization.
  • You can also add the address of the organization below it.
  • Now in the salutation part, you need to address the administration head of the organization such as Dear Mr. Khanna.
  • Now come to the main body of the letter and there write a description of the services which you have received from such services offering an organization. 
  • Try to be specific but explain the whole matter in the right way so that it can be understood by the organization.
  • If you have any proof of the services then you can add that proof as well in the letter. 
  • You can mention your expectations in the letter that the kind of services which you expect from the organization.
  • At last, just put an end on the letter with your regards.

You can write your name at the end of the letter and then just send it to the organization.

Complaint Letter example for bad service


Complaint Letter Example For Bad Product

A complaint letter for the bad product is generally addressed to the business entities, from whom we might have bought a product and that product turned to be bad. A product may be bad either in the terms of its build quality or it may be the defective product, or it might not be suiting and serving the purpose of the customers.

In all such cases, a customer can opt to write the complaint letter to such an organization, so that the quality of the product can be brought into the notice of such an organization. We are offering you the printable template in this regard, using which you can write the complaint letter for the bad product.

Complaint Letter example for bad product


Dentist Complaint Letter Example

A dentist is the doctor of teeth by professional and is the one who offers the medical services in the context of dental health. Writing the complaint letter to the Dentist simply conveys the fact, that there has been made some kind of mistakes by the Dentist in the checkup or in the treatment of dental health.

It may be a very severe incident and if you want to raise your complaint in this regard, then this letter should be addressed to the hospital where the doctor might be working, or it may be addressed to the medical council as well.

  • In thw top right side write your name as the patient along with your full address and also mention your contact details.
  • Now come to the left side of the letter and there mention the name of the hospital where the Dentist is working.
  • If the letter is being addressed to the medical council then the same authorities should be addressed.
  • In the subject matter, you can write the subject of complaint against the Dentist for the treatment received.
  • Now in the salutation, you can address the authorities with the words “Dear Sir/Madam.
  • Start the main body of the letter by mentioning the name of the patient who has received the treatment from the Dentist.
  • Write the name of the Dentist doctor as well.
  • Start mentioning the whole scenario of treatment as to what kind of treatment has been offered to the patient and how it is affecting the dental health of the patient.
  • Be specific yet provide all the details of the treatment received.
  • You can also mention that you want an action to be taken against the Dentist so that the wrongful practice can be halted.

End the letter with your regards and you can enclose the details of treatment received along with the proof at the last phase of the letter.

Dentist Complaint Letter example


Business Complaint Letter Example

A business complaint letter is the one which may be addressed by a customer to the business organization for the poor services, or the product received or it may be written by one business entity to the others when the business deal doesn’t end up as was expected.

The complaint is always written to show the dissatisfaction in the business and in the complaint letter conveys the same fact to the other party so that the root of the complaint can be put forward and resolved accordingly.

So, if you are also looking forward to writing the complaint letter in business and for that purpose, you need a template then you are at the correct section. Here we are attaching the template of the business complaint letter, which can be used by any customer or the business entity itself to write the complaint letter in a formal manner.

Business Complaint Letter example


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