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Customer Complaint Letter Templates Sample With Example

Being a Customer Complaint Letter of any product or the services you always get some rights in the product or the services, and if you are not happy about the services that you have received or the product you bought. Then making the complaint is one of those rights.

As a customer since you have paid the money for the product or services. Thus, you also get the right to lodge a complaint. If you are not satisfied with the concerned product or the services. In this article today we are going to talk about the customer complaint letters. That can be written by the customers to make the complaint about any product or the service. We would provide you with several types of customers complaint letters for your easy use.

Customer Complaint Letter Sample & Example

A sample of the customer complaint letter would help all the customers. Out there to understand that how the complaint letter should be written. This letter can be written by you if you are the customer of any brand for their product or the services. You are not happy about the services or the product of the brand in any way.

Customer Complaint Letter Sample


You can write the letter keeping some points in your mind.

  • Write the name of the company’s head whose product or services you have received.
  • Write the address in the next line.
  • Then write the subject matter of the letter. 
  • Now in the main body write the whole particular such as if it’s the faulty product then provide its details or if it is not the satisfactory services then explain about it.
  • You need to justify the reasons that how the product or the services are not up to the mark as per your requirements.
  • Provide your preference as to what kind of product or the services you are expecting in return.
  • End the letter with your proof of the customer in the letter.

Customer Complaint Letter Sample


How to Response Customer Complaint Letter

Once the complaint is made by the customer to the company. Then it is the part from the company to respond to the complaint letter. Writing or addressing the response letter to the customer is always considered a good practice by the company. In the professional business world, it is a sign that the company is concerned for its customers.

The customer complaint response letter on the behalf of the company should be written in the following manner. 

  • Start with the date of the letter in the top right corner of the letter and then start writing the name of the customer in the top left corner.
  • Address the customer in a respectful manner and then first of all pay thanks to the customer for making the complaint against the product or the services of the company.
  • Let the customers know that the complaint has worked as the feedback from the customer and has helped the company to improve the quality of the product/services.
  • State in a detailed manner that the company has looked into the concerning complaint matter from the customer and all the required measures have been taken to fix the issue with the product or the services.
  • Now end the letter stating that the company is looking forward to the further feedback from the customer about their services or the product. 
  • End the letter with the Thanks to the customer and write the name of the company with the official seal.

Customer Complaint Letter Response

Customer Complaint Letter Sample Poor Service

Well, if you want to make a complaint about anything and are struggling to write a letter in this regard. Then we would help you in that context.

We are going to attach an example of the customer complaint letter. That explains the formal way of writing the customer complaint letter to any organization about their product or services.

This letter will assist you to understand the format and the set of words that you can use to write this letter.

  • The letter should be started with the name of the customer at the top left side along with the address below.
  • Then you need to write the name of the authority to whom the complaint letter is being addressed.
  • Write the name of the company and the address as well.
  • Now write your complaining concern in the main body of the letter which may be about the services or the product of the company.
  • State your product purchase date and explain how the product is troubling you.
  • Ask the company to resolve the issue as soon as possible and state that you are looking forward to a reply from the company in this regard.
  • End the letter with your regards and provide some details about the product or the services of the company. Then end it with your signature.

Customer Complaint Letter Example


How to Write a Customer Complaint Letter

How to Write a Customer Complaint Letter

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