Complaint Letter to Company Formal Sample with Example
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter to Company Formal Sample with Example

A complaint letter to company is one of the most common complaint letters that you will come across. It’s even the consumer’s integral right to file complaints against all the grievances that they may encounter while receiving the services or products of the company. Here in the article, our readers can find the template and the tactics to write the complaint letter against the company. We believe the letter would help our readers in seeking their consumer’s rights from the company on the product or services.

Complaint Letter to Company

Well, a complaint to the company is basically a letter of grievances that are written by the consumer or the general stakeholder of the company. The complaint could be in any regard such as the out of the bad product or services of the company. In fact, stakeholders can file the complaint on the basis of corporate social responsibility. The company ultimately has to receive the grievances of its customers and the stakeholders if the complaint is legitimate. So, as a consumer or the stakeholder you always have the right to exercise your right to complain against the company.

Complaint Letter to Company


Complaint Letter to Company 


How to Write Complaint Letter to Company

You can write the complaint letter to the company with a very simple to follow guide. This is just like writing any other standard letter of complaint.  Below are some useful points to draft the complaint letter easily.

  • Start the letter by taking the formal template to draft the letter.
  • Address the letter to the correct authorities of the company that takes care of customer and stakeholders’ complaints and grievances.
  • In the main body, you have to introduce yourself to the reading authoritative.
  • State the motive of the letter and then come to the grievances or the complaint part.
  • Mention the whole area or incident of complaint to the authorities.
  • Provide all the possible details that are relevant to the complaint.
  • Also, mention the possible resolution of the complaint in your own view.
  • Show your disappointment if the complaint is about the product or the services.
  • Hope for the assurance of the resolution from the company to the complaint.
  • End the letter with a positive note from your side.

So, keep all of these aspects in your head while drafting the complaint letter to the company.

Sample of Complaint Letter to Company

Check out the sample of motivation letter to the company here to provide yourself a reference of the letter. This sample would work more like a practical example of a complaint letter. You can follow the same pattern or tactics to write the complaint letter to the company.


Johnny Burns
New Church Street No 2
San Francisco, California 907651

Tom Hanks
General Manager, Everyday Grocery Company
San Francisco, California 907651

Dear Sir,
This is the official complaint and grievances letter that is coming out of my recent experience with the grocery store. I’m a regular customer of the Everyday Grocery brand for the last few years now. I always used to be much satisfied with the services from the company until this recent encounter with your staff while checking out. Two of your customer dealing staff have manhandled me in a very inappropriate and insulting manner while I was simply asking for the information on the grocery items.

I felt so humiliated and disappointed that I can’t put it here in the words. With a dejected behavior from your prestigious company I only seek some decent customer behavior from the staff. With disappointment and hope at the same time, I end my letter here.

Thanks & Regards
Johny Burns

So, this was the sample letter of complaint to the company to guide our readers. We hope the letter would be relevant in seeking some guidance on the complaint letter to the company

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