Complaint Letter to Car Dealership Sample Template & Example
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter to Car Dealership Sample Template & Example

Are you facing issues in your brand new or almost new car? If yes then you can write a complaint letter to car dealership to bring this issue to the notice of the dealership company. Here in the article we shall discuss the car complaint letter and would also help you in drafting the formal letter.

Facing the breakdown or any other issue in a new car is never pleasant and it can be so frustrating at times. The good thing is that you can seek free repair or even the exchange of a car if you make a timely complaint on the same. If your car is brand new then the dealership would have to provide you with its exchange.

Complaint Letter to Car Dealership

Well, a complaint letter to a car dealership is the formal letter of complaint regarding the issues in the car. The issue could be of any type such as the malfunction, damage, or the total breakdown of the vehicle. This letter is used to lodge a formal complaint of the issues in the vehicle to the company.
This letter is mandatory in nature even if you wish to take the matter legal in court to seek compensation. This is the very first thing to do after facing the issue in the vehicle so that the car dealership can take its own measures on the issue. S

o, if you are facing any issue in your car then you should bring it to the notice of your dealership as the very first measure. You can check the further details on the complaint letter ahead and also take the printable template on the same.

How to Write Complaint Letter to Car Dealership

Well, there are very simple tactics to write the complaint letter and you can follow the same to write this particular complaint letter. Remember the motive of the complaint letter is to show your disappointment in the product of the company and seeking the repair or compensation on the same.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to draft the complaint letter easily.

  • Take any formal template to write the letter as the very first step.
  • Next draft the opening format of the letter to the correct addressing address of the company.
  • Mention your name clearly as the sender of the letter.
  • Now come to the main body of the letter.
  • You have to develop the main body of the letter carefully by stating the whole incident of the issue in the vehicle.
  • Provide all the details yet be precise in the letter to keep the letter size readable.
  • Try to highlight the other losses that you faced due to the breakdown or the damage of the vehicle to enhance the emphasis on the letter.
  • Mention your clear-cut expectations from the company on the compensation or the repair/exchange of the vehicle.
  • End the letter with a hopeful belief for the prompt resolution of the issue for yourself.

So, you can simply draft your own complaint letter for the vehicle to the car dealership with these points. You can modify the steps so as to meet the requirements of your side of the story.

Sample of Complaint Letter to Car Dealership

Here you can get a decent sample of the practical complaint letter to a car dealership for yourself. We believe the letter would guide you in drafting your own letter similarly.

Complaint Letter to Car Dealership Template


Complaint Letter to Car Dealership


Jos Butler
Drive road, New Lane, Berkshire 200876
Yorkshire, UK
Date – 23/3/2021To, Billy Bowden
General Manager, GM Motors
Yorkshire, UKSubject – Complaint on CarDear Sir,
I’m writing this complaint letter as the symbol of the grievances that I lately encountered on my car. I bought this brand new car from your dealership just 2 weeks ago in a brand new condition. Yesterday I planned my first long trip in the car with my family for a distance of around 100 miles. As soon as we left and went hardly 15 miles from the house the car broke down in the middle of nowhere. We tried our best to find the fault but the car remained unresponsive. Somehow we tried to arrange the mechanics to get the car fixed but to my surprise, they couldn’t do anything.At present time the car is in full breakdown condition and is out of our understanding. I never thought to have such kind of experience on my brand new car. This came as a pure disappointment to my all positivity and hopes to have the long-term bonding with my car in the dealership showroom. I kindly request you to look into the matter and exchange my car as soon as possible. You can find all the other details of the incident in the enclosure of the letter.

Thanks & regards
Jos Butler

This is the sample complaint letter to a car dealership and you can use it as the guide to your own letter. Make sure to draft an influential complaint letter so as to seek a prompt response from the dealership.

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