Formal Complaint Letter of Harassment Sample Template
Complaint Letter Template

Formal Complaint Letter of Harassment Sample Template

The formal complaint letter of harassment is gaining pace in the modern time where the harassment incidents are getting pace. We get to see the countless harassment scenarios that are taking place all over the world. Harassment is a very serious offense irrespective of its form and manners and we always encourage our readers to report any such incident right away.

If you are facing any kind of harassment be it at the workplace or in a personal place then we urge you to come forward and raise your voice against it. There are numbers of authorities everywhere in the world where you can report such incidents. You can draft a formal complaint letter for the harassment and simply send it to the authorities further.

Here in this article, we are basically going to provide the ways and samples letter on the complaint letter of harassment. We believe our article would help our readers in drafting a worthy complaint letter of harassment with utmost convenience.

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Complaint Letter of Harassment

Well, a formal complaint letter of harassment is the written report that contains the incident of the harassment. The harassment could be of any kind and in any manner that should be reported with the complaint letter. This letter is written formally and is meant to be addressed to the authorities.

Subsequently, the concerned authorities take note of the letter and conduct their enquiry on the incident of harassment. In the end after the legitimate inquiry, the guilty of the harassment is given the due punishment in accordance with the respective law of the country and region.

This formal complaint letter of harassment is extremely significant as it ensures the proper justice to the victim. Moreover, this formal letter of complaint about harassment is also the ray of hope that cab curb crime such as harassment. Harassment at times can turn out to be a life-threatening experience for individuals and therefore everyone should come forward to take a strong stand against it. Harassment is not gender-specific rather it can happen with anyone both in their personal and professional lives.

Sample Letter Complaint about Harassment at workplace

Sample Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter

Well, writing the complaint letter of harassment is definitely not a herculean task as anyone can write it easily. However, there are certain parameters that you should follow carefully while drafting this letter. Here below is how you should draft an ideal complaint letter of harassment.

  • Take a formal template for the letter as per the local law of the region or county.
  • Address the letter to the authorities with their respective name and address.
  • Provide your name as well in the letter, although you can choose to remain anonymous with your will or not to disclose your name by the authorities.
  • Write the introductory part of the letter by introducing yourself after the proper salutation.
  • Provide the full details of yourself in the letter such as who you are and what you do etc.
  • Now mention the whole scenario of the harassment incident with all possible details.
  • Remember you have to clearly provide the name of the assaulter and the place of the incident.
  • Mention the other details that can help the authorities further in the investigation of the incident.
  • You can also provide the name of witnesses in this harassment and also state the type of incident for the utmost clarity in your own words.
  • At last close the letter with your regards and gratitude to the authorities for bringing justice to this harassment scenario.
  • Keep the letter precise and to the point with all the due information.

So, with all these parameters or the points, you can draft a legitimate formal complaint letter of harassment. Remember, a letter works as proper evidence in severe cases of harassment hence you should draft it accordingly.

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