Complaint Letter against Restaurant Sample with Example
Complaint Letter Template

Complaint Letter against Restaurant Sample with Example

A complaint letter against restaurant is written by customers who are not happy with the restaurant. There can be multiple reasons to complain such as bad service, rude behavior of the staff person, poor hygiene, bad maintenance and cleanliness in the kitchen, poor food quality, etc.

A complaint letter can be written to the manager or other higher authority stating your problem so that they might look into it. This kind of complaint helps restaurants to see why their customers are not happy. Where they are failing and what they can do to improve their service. This will benefit both customers as well as help the restaurant to improve and grow its business.

Tips for writing Complaint Letter against Restaurants

  • Start your letter by mentioning the date of the visit. Briefly describe whim whom you visited and what food did you ordered.
  • Speak about the incident which led you to write the complaint letter. Tell them your reason and what you didn’t like about the restaurant.
  • Mention what inconvenience you faced and what did you do in that situation.
  • Request the concerned person or authority to investigate and take proper action against staff for their action/ behavior.
  • You can also suggest a possible solution or action to tackle that problem. It can happen that the person might not take your suggestion.
  • If possible you can also include the receipt or bill paid in hospital (in case of food poisoning you visited the hospital) and ask for proper compensation.

Complaint Letter against Restaurant


Sample Complaint Letter against Restaurant


Sample Complaint Letter against Restaurant

[Your Name]
[Your Address]


[Recipient Name]
{Recipient Address]

Subject:- Complaining about bad service by the restaurant.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [Recipient Name]

I have visited your restaurant on 3rd September 2020 for lunch with my friend located in Noida. We ordered Chinese food and for the starter, I was told to bring an egg roll. Since we were very hungry we notified the waiter to bring rolls as soon as possible. Despite our request, they took a very long time to bring meals. There was no proper hygiene. The restaurant looked very dirty. There was dust on the table and remains of food on it.

They didn’t clean when the customer finished eating. Also when we asked staff person to clean it he ignored. I asked him politely to clean but in return, he was very rude and told us to go look for some other restaurant. I was very disappointed so I went to the manager to complain about the same but even the manager was also the same. He simply said he would talk to the person but did nothing. I had a very bad experience in your restaurant.

I request you to look into my complaint and I would appreciate it if you investigate and take proper action against the staff on duty for providing bad service and being rude to the customers. I suggest you supervise cleanliness and hygiene as well as discipline your staff to improve your service.

Thanking you

[Your Name]

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