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Complaint Letter About Toilet Sample with Example

Complaint Letter About Toilet: A complaint letter is the best form of raising your complaint across all kinds of domains. This letter is basically used by a person to show dissatisfaction with any product or service of any company, or it can be used to report any general scenario which isn’t happening for any good. 

Well, today in this article we are basically going to discuss the complaint letter for the toilets which is basically to be addressed to the school and other institutions. So, if you are a student or the parents of any student then this article may be fruitful to you, as here we would discuss several kinds of school toilet complaint letters along with their templates.

Complaint Letter About School Toilet & Office Toilet

As we know that school is an educational institution where the group of the student’s studies together and students are provided with the basic facilities such as the toilet etc for the urination purposes. These toilets are made for the convenience of the students. So that they don’t have to rush anywhere else for the toilet requirements.

The school toilets are meant to be kept in the perfect working and in the hygiene conditions so that it can be used easily. If the toilets are not in good condition then you can address a complaint letter to the school authorities and this letter can be written as follows. 

  • On the top right side write the name of the school such as “Lynda White Hills School
    Katharine Road 
  • Now write the subject matter of the letter which is the poor hygiene or working conditions of the toilets.
  • Now start addressing the whole concern to the school authorities.
  • You can write it like the poor hygiene of the school toilets is causing serious discomfort to the students and it may also spread the many diseases as well.
  • If there is any other issue with the toilet then state that issue as well.
  • End your letter with the hope that you are expecting from the school authorities to look out the whole issue soon.

Complaint Letter About School Toilet


Complaint Letter About Office Toilet

An office can be basically referred to as the workplace where plenty of the employees work together. Offices are furnished with basic facilities such as the toilet or the washroom for the convenience of the employees.

As there may be the mass numbers of the engineering in the school which may cause the toilet to lose its hygiene, and being the employee you can put this scenario in the notice of administration. You can address the complaint letter to the office administration in this regard and make them fix this whole issue. 

We are attaching the sample of the complaint letter for the office toilet which will guide you in writing this complaint letter easily. You can have a look of this letter below.

Complaint Letter About Office Toilet


Formal Letter Complaint about School Toilet

If you are studying in any school and the toilet of the particular school is really in the poor condition, that it might be causing significant trouble to the students then we urge you to write the complaint letter in this regard.

This complaint letter must be written either by the students or by their parents in a formal manner. Here below is our guide which will help you in writing this letter. 

  • Write the name of the school at the top side and below write the address as well of the school.
  • Now mention the subject matter of the letter.
  • Next, you need to write the main body of the letter it must be written in a respectful and in comprehensive manner.
  • State the whole scenario of the toilet for example if the toilets are broken then state it or if the proper hygiene is lacking then describe it as well.
  • Keep the letter precise and on point and ask the school authorities to look into the matter and fix the issue as soon as possible so that students can get back access of basic toilet facilities.

Formal Letter Complaint about School Toilet


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