Sample of Complaint Letter About a Product

A company or a business organization is all about it’s product and the customers who buy the product. If the product is good enough then it can change the fate of the company, but if the product is on the other hand is not up to the mark, then the company must be ready to receive the harsh feedbacks about it from the customers. 
Feedback is always significant to a company no matter whether it is being received in the positive manner for the product of the company or in the negative manner. It can help the company to understand that how the product is getting unfolded among the customers, and if there is something that can be improved then company can easily execute that job well. 
So, here in this article we are basically going to talk about the writing the complaint letter about the quality of the product. As the name suggests that it is a complaint letter thus this letter is meant to put the bad or the unsatisfactory quality of any product in the notice of the company. 
This complaint letter can be addressed by any customer of the company, who has bought and consumed the product, and ended up being dissatisfied about the quality of the product. This article would help all the customers who are looking forward to address the complaint letter about any product to the manufacturing company of it.

Complaint Letter About a Product Quality

If you have recently bought any product from the company but after the usages of the product you have got completely different outcome, as was promised by the company then you can depict your dissatisfaction to the company. It may be the quality of the product which may have disappointed you at the most and you might have suffered with some damaged as well.

In such worse case scenario it is strongly recommended to you to approach the company with the complaint letter. In this letter you can put down the quality of the product which you have experienced, and this letter would oblige the company to reach you on this matter shortly. 

Complaint Letter About a Product Quality
How to Write a Complaint Letter About a Product

It may be a tough task from the customer’s point of view to write the complaint letter for the very first time, since we tend to avoid writing the complaint letter even when the product concerned is actually of low quality. There are still some people who come forward and address this issue to the company, so that the quality of the product can be enhanced. 

If you are struggling in writing this letter then we are offering you a helping hand in it. We are attaching the sample complaint letter which can be considered by you as the helping guide to write this letter. This is the formal sample of this complaint letter and hence can be used in any domain.

How to Write a Complaint Letter About a Product

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