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Complaint Letter for Bank Template Sample with Example

Complaint Letter for Bank: A Bank is a very significant public institution that directly deals with the public in its normal course of business. We all have our banking accounts in our respective Banks where we deposit our money and make various kinds of Banking transactions. 

We avail of several kinds of banking services from our banks in the routine course of life. Sometimes there come scenarios when Banks makes mistakes and shows negligence in their services, which causes significant discomfort to all of us.

Complaint Letter to Bank Sample

Complaint Letter to Bank Sample


This is when we become compelled to write the complaint letter to the Banks to put the light on the unsatisfactory services received from the Banks.

Here in this article we would discuss the several kinds of Bank complaint letters in several contexts and would also provide you with their printable templates.

Complaint Letter for Bank for the Wrong Transaction

A bank is a financial house from where we make several kinds of banking transactions using their network.

Sometimes thing gets wrong on the part of the Banks and the administration of the Banks make the wrong transactions on our account, although it is a very rare occasion it may cause a very heavy momentary loss to the customers.

This is when the customers get all the rights to raise their complaints in this regard.

So, if you have also faced any such scenario of the wrong transaction by your Bank then here is our printable template using which you can write the complaint letter easily to your Bank.

Complaint Letter for Bank for Wrong Transaction


Complaint Letter For Bank Manager

A Bank Manager is the person who is in charge of the whole operations which are being executed at the Bank. It may be the monetary and the non-monetary transactions as well and whenever things go wrong at the Bank, then it must be put into the knowledge of the Bank manager.

You can use the complaint letter in this regard to write your complaint into it and then address it to the Manager. The manager will look into the subject matter of the complaint and they will be liable to resolve it. 

Complaint Letter for Bank Manager


How to Write Complaint Letter for Bank about Cash Withdrawal

So, you have encountered any kind of mistake on the part of your Bank in the cash withdrawal transaction? Well if yes then we understand that it can be a serious mistake, which may cause you a loss of significant amount.

We urge you to write the complaint letter in this regard to your Bank and here is how you can write it.

  • Write the date at the top of the letter on which the letter is being written.
  • In the next line write the name of the Bank along with its proper and full address.
  • Below it writes the subject matter of the letter.
  • Now coming to the salutation part there just address the Bank officials which may be branch manager or any other person.
  • In the main subject field of the letter state the full details about the cash withdrawals transactions which have been wrongly executed by your Bank.
  • Clearly mention the amount which is concerned in this cash withdrawal transaction. 
  • You can attach the proof of this cash withdrawals transaction if you have any.
  • Write it clearly to the Bank in the letter that the transaction has been wrongly executed and you are seeking the refund of the transaction.
  • At the end, you can mention your Bank account number along with your full name and provide the other details relating to the transaction.

End the letter with your signature and regards.
How to Write Complaint Letter for Bank about Cash Withdrawal


Complaint Letter for Bank Manager about Irresponsibility of Employees

Bank employees are the ones which offer all kinds of the Banking services to the customers, and if they don’t do their job diligently then it may trouble the bank customers on a very serious note.

Being the customer of Bank you always have the rights to raise your complaint against those employees and show your dissatisfaction.

You will need to address your complaint letter to the Bank manager in this regard. Here we are offering you the full fledge template of this letter which you can use to write this letter. 

Complaint Letter for Bank Manager about Irresponsibility of Employees


Complaint Letter for Bank for ATM Problem

ATM is a very commonly used card these days which is used to withdraw the money from the ATM machines. As it is used on an electronic machine thus there may be the situations sometimes when the customers may face issues within the ATM services. 

If you are also facing any such issue then you just need to bring this issue into the knowledge of your Bank.

You can do it by writing the complaint letter to your Bank in which you just have to state the kind of issue that you are facing in using the ATM services.

Complaint Letter for Bank for ATM Problem


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